Obligatory Thanksgiving Post – 2015 Edition

Just a quick list of things for which I am thankful:

  • The salvation provided from my Lord Jesus
  • My wonderful, lovely wife, Sarah, who still loves me for some reason
  • My eldest daughter, Samantha, who is a good big sister
  • My youngest daughter, Whitley, who is probably too smart for her own good already
  • My only son, William, who is a kind, sweet little boy
  • My parents, who moved near me and have been a big help (and always have been)
  • My in-laws, who always help us as well
  • The rest of my family, who I miss but I spent tons of time with growing up
  • My conservative friends, because without conservatives, the world might change too quickly for it’s own good
  • My liberal friends, because without them, different viewpoints may never be brought up and change my never happen
  • My moderate friends, because the world needs balance
  • My friends that I play games with, because games are awesome, and so are people who play them
  • Congandanga Football
  • King of Picks
  • My employer, for valuing work-life balance and providing an excellent work environment
  • The management at work past and present for giving and letting me keep me employment
  • My co-workers current and prior, who are good to work with and from who I learned many things
  • JustLead, and the staff and children, with who I enjoy spending a few hours a week
  • Laurel Church of Christ, for being a good place to spend Sundays and Wednesdays in worship, and having lots of caring members
  • The kids I teach on Wednesday nights, for being good kids – even if they don’t always pay attention (which one can hardly expect of 5th graders, I guess)
  • Hajime No Ippo, for drawing me into the world of manga
  • One Piece, for being the best manga ever
  • Bleach, for letting me down week after week after starting so strong
  • Naruto, for giving us all the ending we deserved
  • One-Punch Man, for being hilarious
  • GoVols247, for giving me a place to discuss Tennessee athletics with good people (some of whom I’ve met in person and enjoyed talking with)
  • Tennessee athletics – even though you’ve been pretty bad for most of the last decade, the good times have been well worth it, and the good times ahead are going to be great
  • The Steelers, because they’re the best organization in pro football
  • Mickey Mouse, Sofia the First, Blaze and the Monster Machines, Paw Patrol, Curious George, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Sheriff Callie’s Wild West, for providing a distraction for my three kids so I can do things like laundry, dishes, and clean the floors
  • My two dogs and cat, who are worth all the upkeep, because my children light up every time they interact with them
  • Board game makers, for putting out quality games and giving me a hobby
  • Yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw yaw RED BULL
  • I’m thankful to anyone who got the above reference without watching this.  Oh, and if you don’t get it, watch it
  • Games Done Quick, which is fun to watch when I’m bored (and raises a ton of money for really good causes)
  • Anyone who actually reads this blog from time to time, and learns anything from it about ServiceNow, Javascript, Test Automation, or life in general

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.  Save room for pumpkin pie.


ServiceNow Selenium Tests – The Left Nav

In every other post I’ve done regarding Selenium testing in ServiceNow, my tests have all left the navigation pane (or Left Nav) out of the tests.  Everything gets the page via table name and a query parameter, or the direct sys_id.  From my original point of view, this is all I need my tests to do: fill out forms, check mandatory fields, make sure the record state flows properly.  But some may want more of the user experience for their tests.  Or maybe you’re like me and you want to make sure filters from the left nav are working properly.  So, I’ve got a quick way to generate a left nav page object, and some quick instructions on how to use it.

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