My 2015 Inventory – Looking towards 2016

After listening to Tyler Ellis’s lesson on Sunday (and reading his blog post), I’ve decided to also take an inventory of my professional and personal accomplishments for the year, so I can build off whatever momentum I have going, or fix any areas of concern.

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An Exercise in Sensibility – Improving Execution Plans

Execution plans in ServiceNow are a good way of ensuring that certain tasks are generated when needed.  You can set conditions, predefine the assignments and other details.  However, they are far from “perfect”, though I guess that would depend on your needs.  I was approached with the idea of making tasks generate at different times (based on date fields on other records), generate based on the completion of one or more other tasks, and even generate with due dates based on other fields on other records (or even a static number of days).  The result?  ChangeTasker.

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An Exercise in Sensibility – ApproveAhead

A few of my customizations have dealt with approvals.  To many organizations, they are a very important feature in ServiceNow.  One of the pain points we had experienced in the past was users receiving multiple approvals for the same ticket, because they were in multiple approver groups or some other reason.  Maybe this issue doesn’t affect your organization, but if it does, fear not – I have a solution.

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