ServiceNow Selenium Tests – Checking Catalog Task Variables

One of the piddly defects that comes up from time to time is the variables not appearing on a catalog task.  I say piddly because from my perspective, it’s incredibly simple to add them back.  But to a user doing work, it’s a hassle to go elsewhere in the system to find what value they need to complete their task.  I had racked my brain for a while to think of the best way of testing it, and, of course, it’s Selenium to the rescue.

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An Exercise in Sensibility – Approvals with Attachments From The Approving Record

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my 3 years into IT so far, it’s that management doesn’t want to open the ITSM tool up to do something.  They’re busy with whatever other system(s) that they have to manage.  They may even become desensitized to the “Support Service” emails they receive on a daily basis.  So it’s always a good plan to make things as simple and convenient for them as possible.  It’s what spawned “ApprovalUtil“, which dynamically places catalog variables in requests (so I’m not maintaining a million emails for each catalog item – a number which grows all the time).  In a recent sprint, it’s spawned even more approval utility goodness.

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An Exercise in Sensibility – Scheduling the Unschedulable

There’s a really awesome plugin that lets you export dashboards and homepages to PDF in ServiceNow.  But a few of you out there are like me: I (or rather, someone in management) wanted dashboards to be scheduled at a certain day and time.  I put in a HI Ticket (in late October) and was told “that’s not a feature we have right now” and put it to rest for a while.  And today, I had some maintenance time, so I took a whack at it.  And I guess I have a HI Ticket and a FTASK to go update with my findings.

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