Stumbling through Service Portal: Embedding Video Tags in KB Articles

My journey through the Service Portal continues this week with an unexpected turn – adding video tags to the HTML of knowledge articles.  This started from a request from a manager in another group, asking if it was possible.  We found a few questions and answers on the community, but no complete answers.  Finally, we recently had a breakthrough, and in the spirit of sharing knowledge (pun intended), I thought I’d make it known.

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Stumbling Through Service Portal

No one today would ever confuse me as a front-end developer or UI designer.  Well, maybe a long time ago.  I did place well the Business Professionals of America national competition in 2001 for document/page design (7th nationally).  So at one point in my life, I had at least a little bit of flair for design.  For a current project, the UX is a big deal (in fact, perhaps the biggest deal), so I’ve decided to knock off the rust and cram 16 years of progress in design and usability into the next few months.  Hence the name: stumbling through.  I don’t imagine this journey is going to be all that smooth.

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