Foul Hard – A Song

Came up with this after seeing someone complain about players not giving hard fouls in certain circumstances.

** To the Tune of Walk Hard **

Foul hard
When the score
Isn’t good

Foul bold
When they lead
On the road

Their fans may boo and spit and hiss
And all your shots just seem to miss
There’s one thing that you can do
Foul those other guys right outta their shoes!


Well the referees might give you a T
Just say, “That’s alright with me”
Make the opponent earn this game
You’ll go down in the hard foul hall of fame!


The game is over the game is done
Losing just is not much fun
But coach said to me, “Boy you did good
You went on that court and fouled as hard as you could!”


Rob Lowe Power Rankings

DirectTV, while not a service to which I subscribe, has released a hilarious series of commercials over the past few months featuring actor Rob Lowe.  Now maybe he’ll be known for something other than being in Tommy Boy.

Without further ado, here are the Rob Lowe Power Rankings:

1. Super Creepy Rob Lowe
2. Meathead Rob Lowe
3. Scrawny Arms Rob Lowe
4. Regular Rob Lowe
5. Painful Awkward Rob Lowe
6. Overly Paranoid Rob Lowe
7. Less Attractive Rob Lowe
8. Crazy Hairy Rob Lowe
9. Tweeting About Peyton Manning Rob Lowe

Disagree?  Tough.  Those are iron clad and not subject to change.